Now, as Survivors has grown, our team consists of individuals from various areas across the United Kingdom, Australia, Europe as well as America.

We provide resources and support at Survivors. Within our support newsgroups, you’ll find both private and open places where you are able to seek support. It’s sad that so many want a spot like Survivors but we plan to foster and preserve an environment that turns out to be educational, encouraging and secure.

Besides the private support, our resources department has grown to provide other areas of contact for individuals who find so many cannot speak out.

We expose people who guard predators and them.

We empower other people to face the truth and share our stories. Collectively, we find healthful methods to recuperate.

We teach our communities about the consequences of maltreatment as well as ourselves.

Survivors will to be able to accomplish this assignment:

  • Build a constantly expanding worldwide network of chapters combined under web site and the Survivors banner ad.
  • Recruit and train a thriving team of volunteers, staff, leaders and activists who’ll form an insurmountable power for change and healing
  • Expose predators around the world and ensure they are never put in locations where they are able to abuse again
  • Reform archaic, predator-friendly laws
  • Hold church associations answerable for protecting predators and empowering abuse