Domestic Abuse in Women: Plastic Surgery As Part Of Healing

For victims of domestic abuse, especially women, reinventing themselves is a huge part of their healing process. While some go to therapy, others opt for something a little bit more extreme – plastic surgery. Stress and trauma can be highly visible in the victim’s appearances, so improvements to it would definitely help. A procedure like Restylane Fillers in Melbourne is just one of many things that could do wonders for any patient.

Why appearance matters

Domestic Abuse in Women plastic surgeryThis is where anti-wrinkle injections like Botox and Fillers come into the picture. Not only do these help greatly in filling fine lines, making one’s appearance look much fuller and brighter. This procedure is also done for anti-sweat treatment in Melbourne since it also has the ability to paralyse a person’s sweat glands, therefore, inhibiting the production of sweat in their body. Plastic surgery is so much more than just cosmetic procedures and enhancements.

With the simple procedure mentioned previously, an abuse victim could go for something a little bit subtle instead. Stress-related facial lines are quite distinct. Frown lines become deeper and skin gets duller, but with the right plastic surgery procedures, their visibility shall be decreased and the reminder of their traumatic incident shall be decreased as well. Another effect could be more visible manifestations of stress, like increased sweating. As mentioned, Botox could also so serve as anti-sweat treatment in Melbourne as well.

Surgeons paying it forward

Plastic surgery for abuse victims is quite popular. Back in 2005, abuse victims from all over the United States were granted free procedures by doctors. Their bruises – that have left permanent discoloration on their bodies, have been faded thanks to the very helpful doctors from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Most of the procedures done were to reconstruct their facial features, especially since a lot of these victims have suffered from broken bones and dented facial features.

This has raised an issue as well. For victims who prefer something a little subtle and if they are still very much happy with their appearance, they would usually go for less complicated procedures like Botox and fillers which are also good alternates for anti-sweat treatment in Melbourne. A little plump on the cheeks or the lips are sometimes what they need to get that instant – yet huge- pick me upper.

Always be ready

For any patient, whether they are victims of abuse or not, they must garner enough information about any procedure that they decide to go under, especially when it’s related to plastic surgery. Even if they decide to go for something minor like anti-sweat treatment in Melbourne, they still must make sure that they are ready for the possible side effects no matter how small they are. Most of all, they must be mentally prepared for it. For strong women like victims of abuse, it is important that whatever they decide on, it is something that they truly want and ready for.