How to Cope with the Difficulties of Maltreatment and Physical Abuse

Maltreatment, which is very rampant in today’s society, is one of the traumatic any person could ever experience. Having the trauma that could be worse for how many years and could take a very long time for healing, it is important that this could be stop in advance before the things worsen and would lead to something fatal. Young children will be often the victims of abuse since they are prone and very fragile. Maltreatment could be emotional, physical, or psychological. Subjecting to trauma, the experience would give the victim an abnormal behavior towards things. Their cognitive functions will also be impaired due to something on his mind.

violence against womenSince there are several kinds of abuse occurring in our times, the one which is mostly commonly seen is the physical abuse, in which the victims are always children and women. They are vulnerable due on their limited strength and young emotional condition which easily fears and bothered. Physical assault could happen to anyone. It could be sometimes sexual abuse and could have one or more abuser. Physical evidences such as bruises, fractures and broken bones, cuts and burns were seen on some body parts of the abused. It will serve as the medical evidences to support in filing legal cases. Proving to be a strong basis for the legal action, the emotional implication that it inflicts will surely take time to heal. Negligence is one kind of physical abuse. One example of it is giving a child a wrong medication to his illness or shaking the baby for crying without reasons that will give emotional trauma.

Interpersonal issues will be sometimes the problem with the physically abused child. When he grows up, he will
try to inflict also harm to anybody as revenge or to become his anger outlet. Having an outlet will give them the ease feeling and fulfillment. Their behavior becomes unusual and improper. Some abused are trying to take drugs to release and forget the trauma temporarily. Depression, suicidal ideation is common behavior. Thus a careful assessment and an emotional support are very important to aid to their treatment. There are medications be given for depression to keep their mind from stress. There are anti-anxiety drugs and relaxants prescribed for those who are manifesting depression and could be a candidate for suicide. Peers could give a greater impact. They are the one who will serve as the crying shoulders and the listening ear to release the tension and emotional distress.

The environment at home will greatly affect the child’s behavior. Parents should be extra aware on the behavior and the treatment they show to their children. The home full of anger will give a reason for the child to find another comfortable place to stay, which is away from his family. Awareness and understanding of both parents and other members of the family will give a more colorful surrounding for growth and a positive mindset. According to some studies, violence at home started with a slap or a push that can worsen over time. Removing oneself to the situation is the best way to avoid aggravating condition that may be happening soon.

Physiotherapy can be helpful to the condition of the abused individual. Studying several responses that may be able to help those psychologically disturbed individuals to release the tension and their ill feelings towards their experience. Assessing their mental condition will help them to understand and to plan for the treatment and the interventions that he needs and may be suitable for the condition. Disclosing domestic violence is essential to provide a safe home for the victims and to provide the immediate actions and support that he needs in an early stage of tormenting experience.The association of maltreatment and physical abuse to physiotherapy have gained a lot of issues and remarks; thus, science explains the correlation of physiotherapy treatment to the emotional and psychological condition of the victims.