Keeping the Wolves Out: Home Security and Child Abuse

There is no safer place than our household. The phrase, “home is where your heart is” applies to a huge number of individuals and many believe in this saying. Whenever, they come back home from their work, people are able to sit back, relax and enjoy their stay at their very own leisure and pace. With that being said, the safety of home is under jeopardy with the increasing number of criminal cases that have been reported. Let us explore the importance of good home security & AVOs to prevent child abuse by dangerous parents.

Keeping the Wolves Out: Home Security and Child Abuse

Kids often feel that their homes are of a safe haven which they can always run back to when they are under pressure or feeling stressed. Problems however, occur in the household between parents causing rifts to all of the parties involved. This can lead to child abuse incidents which can affect the overall personality and upbringing of children. In some cases, parents who decide to go their separate ways and remarry can have a mixed result. There are cases revolving around abusive step dads and uncles scaring children away. Parents however, don’t have to suffer the same fate and will be able to keep their child safe and protected by adding a number of security measures to keep perpetrators away from them.

Good home security plays a very important role in families all over the world. A number of individuals feel that the task of home security is to keep thieves away from their homes. This is indeed true however, this also applies in helping decrease the likelihood of crimes being done by relatives and friends inside homes. By having security in your home, residents will be able to monitor the day to day activities that are happening not only in the outside but also inside the premises. It should be noted that feeling safe in your home is a right and a privilege but sometimes you have to work hard for it.

The house belongs to the children and parents need to keep it this way. A number of homeowners were able to feel a great measure of relief from the added safety provided by security cameras. Child abuse incidents are greatly avoided with the help of such technology. There is a chance that newly hired babysitters and maids may not be doing their jobs and in some cases, abuse the kids that they are supposed to be waiting. For instance, a home daycare provider in Lake Mills has been charged in Jefferson County Circuit Court with one count of child abuse-recklessly causing harm to a child who was in her care in. With the help of the security cameras, solid proof can be gathered which makes it possible to issue AVOs to perpetrators.

There is indeed a cause for concern with child abuse cases increasing in the Northern Territory. However, it is good to hear that the authorities have been keen in apprehending those who are guilty of such charges. An Ostrander couple in Preston has been charged with child abuse after authorities documented a long list of abuse against at least one of their children.

In Oklahoma, child abuse rate remains high, but the state has made progress in adding new foster homes, lowering workers’ caseloads and reducing the number of children in state shelters. All of this could be avoid with good home security. Consider applying a number of security measures to your household today!