In-House Services

Supplying services in families at home’s communities and to they can help caseworkers identify needs and strengths and address relationships and parenting abilities in the natural environment of the family. Services ought to be the family focused, community-based, culturally competent, and ought to employ the family by using their input to find out what kinds of services or supports will probably be most helpful to them. The aim of in-house services will be to stop the requirement for removal or future child welfare participation.

Family Services

Family support services are community-based services that support and help parents in their role as health professionals. Such services can take a variety of kinds determined by the strengths and demands of the family, but their overarching objective is always to assist parents solve issues to encourage optimum child development and improve abilities.

Family support systems may address the general public or target specific groups, for example, ethnic and cultural minorities; teen parents; kinship caregivers; or families facing mental health, health, or substance abuse problems. They focus on a particular target or can be all-inclusive. The resources in this section address services and comprehensive family support strategies for particular groups. The box to the right lists other regions of the Info Portal web site that address a variety of supporting services for families.

Family Preservation

Family preservation services are short term, family-centered services made to help families in crisis by enhancing parenting and family operation while keeping kids safe. These services build upon the conviction that lots of kids treated and could be safely shielded within their very own houses when parents are supplied with support that empower them to alter their lives and services.

This section describes system and policy strategies to family preservation services and offers State and local examples of such services. In addition, it addresses a more intensive, intensive family preservation services and disaster -centered variation of preservation services.