Sex & Violence: Long Standing Partners

Did you know that there is a neurological basis for the relationship that exists between sex and violence? Scientific evidences have led a neurobiologist from the California Institute of Technology to make such claim. David Anderson found out that a small group of neurons is responsible for the sexual and aggressive behavior in mice and in fruit flies. His discovery might also prove that the same thing applies to humans.

Evolution has shown that violence and aggressiveness are needed in exhibiting territoriality in animals. In fact, there is hostility among the male species of the animal kingdom for they fight access to food, domain, or females.

Sex & Violence: Long Standing Partners

In humans, sexual partners usually end up bashing each other. Most of the times, it is a male thing, but females also lash out in some instances. Inter-male aggressiveness in humans also occur, especially when picking up sexy girls in clubs and bars.

In a society where the female sexuality is more liberated, violence is prevalent. As a matter of fact, some violent crimes are crimes of passion. This means that the misdemeanors and transgressions happen for pure emotional reasons. Moreover, several studies show that young men get involved in gangs for the sexual encounters. As weird as it may sound, but it is true. Gang members have more sexual partners compared to non-gang members.

Hormones can also be blamed as to why there is violence among couples. Testosterone in men is responsible for the masculine features and traits, which become more evident during puberty. However, elevated testosterone levels are contributing factors in human aggression. For instance, married men with high testosterone have a greater propensity to bicker with their wives and get in hot water with the law.

Women who have abusive partners is not a new issue. Sexual violence cannot be stopped as long as men are in control of the relationship. The sexualisation and objectification of women also play a role in violence against them. Aside from being seen as useless, some women are treated as no more than an object. Despite this, they are still expected to fulfil a role — a sexual role to satiate the high libidos of men.