Survival Tips for SHTF Situations Which Could Affect Us All

The trouble with a world full of acronyms and abbreviations, is that you don’t always know where you really stand. You need to ask yourself, when the SHTF are you going to LOL or cry out OMG?  Surviving these cataclysmic crises can be FWIW, a matter of timing and, dare I say, luck or fortune. DGMW my friend, we all, IMO, are at times faced with potential disaster and extinction. How we cope with that WTF moment is dependent upon the character of the man or woman. FWIW, IIRC, Ned Kelly is credited with the statement, “such is life”, immediately before his hanging.

Surviving those SHTF Moments in Life

WRT the essential human element in any discussion like this, some of the FAQ on this matter are. Is appropriate footwear important in these situations? When physical disasters strike, like fire. flood, cyclone, earthquake etc. I would rather not be ensconced in high heels or stilettos. If the SHTF, FYI, you cannot, just, say to the whole thing, TTYL, no, you cannot FTW and walk away. Some folks harp on about maintaining your health with regular check ups and in normal situations I would concur, but ICYMI, this is the end of days we are talking about here.

I Applaud Those Few Who Do Stand Up to Adversity

Sure, maintaining your health with regular check ups and do the right thing when it comes to managing your vices, but when the SHTF, you better be ready to run. Heroes, IMNSHO, are more frequently found in fiction, than on the ground in the real world. BTW, ICYMI, I applaud those few who do stand up in times of adversity on this planet, but IMHO most of us are gonna shit our pants. I HTH, these survival tips for SHTF situations which could affect us all. If I have got OT at times, SCNR expressing my POV.

When the World is Losing its Head

If you really want to survive when the SHTF, remember to duck and find cover, and remember to keep your head down. When the world is losing its head, you wanna be keeping yours. IIRC and DGMW, the true test of a man (and woman) is in their ability to maintain their dignity in the face of overwhelming odds and under extreme stress. I HTH, because DIY survival is the only kind there is. HF with trying to be PC, when SHTF, B/C if you RTFM, you will find the answers are TBA. I hope that this has helped clarify the matter.