Understanding Core Energetics and the Benefits Behind the Therapy

trauma - core eneregetics patientDo you want to enjoy good health, overcome trauma, grow your love life and explore limitless potential? Well, you can achieve this through core energetics which is a system of psychotherapy oriented to the body and also identified as a bridge between spirituality and psychology. CE as the therapy is commonly known has basic principles which define every person as having a predictable and unique ability to grow, love and progress into limitless potential. It is these abilities that are considered to form the primal energy or life force which can be found in each one of us.

What really is core energetics?

Core energetics is a therapeutic method that seeks to achieve transformation using self-discovery. This method was created by John Pierrakos and generally seeks to engage the core energy source in the body owing to the belief that everything we need to heal, overcome trauma or other misfortunes can be found deep within us. Heart energetic is different from other traditional talk therapies in that it involves physical activities such as muscle flexing, kicking, extreme posturing, expressions, hitting, and vocalizations by joining them to statements. This is aimed at providing the client with a consistent communication between the body and the mind thus making it possible for someone to feel his conflicting feelings and emotions deeply. In the process, one rapidly discovers the sense of true healing.

How does core energetics work?

CE seeks to unblock different types of energies that hinder us from connecting harmoniously with our centre of right energy, which is the core. To help us come to our inner selves, this therapy helps us identify our false self by unmasking the things which we hide behind. It helps us to express our different aspects of hurts by first of all feeling the trauma, fear and hate and expressing the same. By helping us to feel our feelings, the therapy helps us to change them into love and energy that is more positive. During the therapy sessions, the client is taken through a process of balancing the flow of energy in order to achieve a healthy functioning. This is done using the 5 essential levels of being namely spirit, body, will, mind and emotions.

Benefits of core energetics

This unique therapy helps comprehend and develop upon the process of healing provided by the inner energy to the spiritual and physical being. It helps participants to understand all the different aspects of inner self, beauty, defences and depths of darkness residing within them thus encouraging the necessary changes that brings about health and holistic wellbeing. With every stage of transformation, the participant experiences a brilliant explosion of energy which is then directed towards the achievement of spiritual, mental and physical healing. Heart energetics can be instrumental for people who have gone through traumatizing experiences as it helps venture deep to the seat of feelings and emotions thus lifting the dark cloud to help experience happiness, abundance, joy and a greater sense of satisfaction in life.

Core energetics has been used to help people overcome their childhood traumas, which are culpable for the blockage of life force. Using the therapy, one can easily communicate their emotional pain freely thus removing defensive physical armouring and masks which dampens buoyancy and vibrancy that should be enjoyed from the core. Heart energetic has been used to treat anxiety, depression, unresolved anger, panic attacks, sexual dysfunction, and post traumatic stress among other things.